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Terms of Service

This is a paper trading service. Neither 6th Street Radio Trading nor 6th Street Radio LLC is a registered broker/dealer or licensed to trade in securities or derivatives. All information provided on this service is done so as a view into public markets. The tokens used for this service are created specifically for the use in this trading system and hold no actual or implied intrinsic value. Tokens are not guaranteed redeemable under any circumstances. By using this service, you agree that you understand the following:

  • The user understands that this is not investment advice, nor is this service an investment vehicle.
  • The user understands that regardless of the token balance held in the user's personal account, they cannot demand redemption of the underlying asset (if any).
  • The user understands that this service does not maintain private keys to any user funds. Tokens held in escrow require multiple signatures and are neither controlled directly by the user nor the administrator.

I have read and understand these terms:
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